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Calculating Car Shipping Cost

The overall cost of transporting your vehicle will vary depending on a number of variables. Prices are based on current market trends, but the total cost will also depend upon things like the type of car, the type of transport, and the overall distance. Talking to one of our professionals is the best way to find out more about potential costs and why we’re the best value for your money.

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Here are the Variables We Consider When Quoting Your Price:


The distance that your vehicle must be traveled is the primary variable in cost of vehicle transport. The future your vehicle must be moved, the more the process will cost you.


Your location and the location that needs to be delivered to may impact cost. Difficult to access locations may require additional labor or steps for our drivers, and as such will increase the price accordingly.


The seasons impact costs of transport as well. Winter moves in particular can cost more due to road conditions, hazards, and more. Talking to our team can help you understand more about how seasonality impacts your costs.

Vehicle Make and Model

Certain vehicles may be lager, taller, or heavier than others. These variables can have an impact on what is required during the move and due to this they may impact the overall cost of your transport.

Vehicle Condition

The overall condition of the vehicle will matter as well. Vehicles that aren’t in operation will require additional tools and labor to load and unload and as such will cost more to move.

Transport Type

Open transport is always the more affordable option, and is the standard. For additional protection for your vehicle, closed transport is available but as few carriers offer it, the price is higher.

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